CLVII is a personal blog (and sometimes, portfolio) with rules, which you can read, if you are interested, here. This blog follows no particular niche and shifts back and forth between personal entries, creative works, philosophical musings and shabby research. Through the fingerprint-coated lens of CLVII, the world is a huge cardboard box.

About the Writer

Kenneth is a second-year law student of a small college in the heart of Manila, Philippines. He writes short stories as a hobby, and short stories about writing short stories as a psychological exercise (read: pretentious activity to talk about with friends). He has the energy of a koala, the strength of a hamster, and the social ability of a polar bear. He dislikes 9gag for some odd reason. He believes that dragons once roamed the Earth and that the best invention in the world is the Internet. He boasts that he still remembers, ten years later after he read it on some random encyclopedia lying around the house, who invented the printing press. It’s the only trivia that he knows, so let us leave it at that.

You can send him a message on his Contact page.