Summer Project Update

Remember this? Unfortunately, I was only able to watch three films (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Iron Giant, and Memento) and read one book (The Prince) from that list. I feel terrible, really, but circumstances developed after I wrote that entry which resulted to lethargy. I will still try to watch all of them, but probably not in the hurried pace I was planning. Also, a quick note for my future self – watch 12 Angry Men.

As an aside, I’m currently reading a textbook on Negotiable Instruments to prepare myself for second year of law school. The topic is very interesting, to say the least. My father’s teacher when he was in law school called Negotiable Instruments as the ‘toughest nut to crack’. My father assured me, twenty-odd years after the fact, that it is not. I nodded at him, promising I will crack the tough nut.

Also, American Idol. I want Jessica Sanchez to win obviously, but the odds (and the votes) seem to be on P2. Regardless on who wins, however, it’s a pity that this year’s American Idol started strong but ended quite disappointing. I love Jessica, but only because she has Filipino blood. She has superb talent, sure, but little stage presence. I will buy her album on a heartbeat, but a ticket for a concert? I will have some serious doubts.

To another show, this time local to my country: Pinoy Big Brother – Teen Edition. I love the show, but seriously, these teens demonstrate everything that is wrong with their age. Alec, the Filipino-Chinese housemate from Laguna, appears to be the only mature housemate out of the batch. I hope he wins over this reality show full of reckless love and unwarranted bouts of anger.

Anyway, a few more updates, but minus the commentary:

Currently listening to…¬†Roxanne, by The Police; and I Can’t Stand Losing, by the same band.

Currently mesmerized by…¬†Adventure Time.

Currently awed by… Chris Cheng’s performance on History’s Top Shot. What a guy.

Currently wishing for… love. Haha. Kidding. I want a new book.

Anyway, this is it for now. This is only an aside, a mere blip on the radar. Have a great day!