Tread lightly, young stranger, because you stand before worlds of splendor.


Wanderrgirl, by Arriane Serafico

I discovered this blog after TEDxKatipunan featured Arriane, the author, as one of the speakers of the event. I quickly found her blog interesting. Although her blog is a kaleidoscope of differing topics, the core of Wanderrgirl is creative governance, a term the author has coined herself, or creativity as a tool for nation building. Arriane is a beautiful and very purpose-driven individual. She’s awesome and her blog equally so.


Quintessential Serendipity, by Kristel

Quintessential Serendipity is at most times, a personal photo blog. Kristel, the author, describes herself as a wanderlust and I believe no word has been more apt. I have read her blog since its inception and I cannot count how many conferences, food joints, tourist spots and concerts this girl has been to. If you read her blog, make sure to put on a pair of sneakers because she’ll sure to take you to places far and near.


Social Pitch, by John

At first, Social Pitch appears to focus on social commentary. It is, however, more than that. John, the author, ponders: “I write because listening will never be enough to take a stand against the madness of human life.” Social Pitch, therefore, is a one-man revolution against apathy, a growing cancer among the youth. Although I don’t always agree with his sentiments, the fact that he has an opinion where others have none is in itself noble and deserves reading.


Pure Instinct, by Aix

Aix is one of the most beautiful and intelligent ladies in my undergraduate university. I am proud and happy to have met her even if it only be on the most basic level. She is cheerful, talented, honest and amazing. Pure Instinct, her personal blog, reflects all these and more.


She Goes Thrifty!, by AJ

She Goes Thrifty! is the personal blog of natural fashionista AJ. Although I am not exactly what you call as a fan of fashion, I love reading her blog for her experiences and life milestones. The combination of fashion, adventure and a burning spirit to thrill the reader really works.


Waiter Rant, by Steve Dublanica

Waiter Rant is a collection of stories made by Steve when he was still a waiter in a high-class restaurant on downtown New York City. The subject is in itself interesting, but what makes this blog really tick is Steve’s spectacular writing. Although the blog has recently become quite stale since Steve decided to quit waiting and got himself a book deal, I still believe it will rise again from the ashes and be the phoenix that it was once.