The Rules of CLVII

Rule No. 1: The Writer must post a minimum of two entries a week where one will always be personal and the other will be a creative work. The week will start on Sunday and there will be no word limit. If a particular entry can be labeled as a personal entry or creative work, the Writer must choose which requirement the entry shall satisfy and do the other accordingly.

Rule No. 2: The words ‘warehouse’, ‘aqueduct’, ‘grape’, ‘Jolly Roger’ and any derivatives of such words will never be used by the Writer.

Rule No. 3: The Writer will not post a personal entry that only revolves around food.

Rule No. 4: The Writer must always use Google Chrome to post entries, except if he is in mobile where any browser or mode of posting is acceptable.

Rule No. 5: Every fifth creative entry must be poetry.

Rule No. 6: Every tenth personal entry must be accompanied by at least three pictures.

Rule No. 7: The Rules also extend to comments made by the Writer on this website.

Rule No. 8: If a Rule is broken, the Writer must abandon the blog. He may post two final entries thereafter.

Rule No. 9: These rules can only be amended on the last day of each alternate month following the month of promulgation of these Rules (April 2012).

Rule No. 10: Rule Nos. 1, 7, 8, and 9 cannot be amended or deleted.

Rule No. 11: These rules take effect on 28 April 2012. Philippine Time (GMT + 8) will govern the timepiece of this blog.